Ninjas are masters of deception, ninjas are masters of death.

There are ninjas of both light and dark, but their goal is always the same: Kill that other guy before he kills you.

 - Attain mastery over the delicate and precise murder systems, only ninjas with keen spatial awareness and focused insight are allowed to taste victory

 - Discover new realms of subtlety and subterfuge with the dynamic light/dark system! Remember, your opponent is just as likely to lose his place as you are!

This is an alpha release for SaltW Halloween Jam. If you can find a buddy with a taste for frustration and imminent demise, give it a go! Look forward to this initial release being updated with new levels, features, and game modes approved by Professor M. Mouse himself!

Published Nov 05, 2014
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Abstract, Multiplayer, Ninja, PvP, Retro